We had 50 neighborhood and community volunteers who contributed a total of 142 hours of labor at the Homedale entrance to the Barton Creek Greenbelt on Saturday November 4th, the Austin Parks Foundation's fall "It's My Park Day."  We had a great group and got a lot done, but we especially enjoyed working with all the kids and young adults who attended, including cub scouts, girl scouts, a group from the UT Taiwanese American Student Association, and some skilled and hard-working teens from Barton Hills. We were also honored to have our District 5 City Councilmember and neighbor Ann Kitchen join us to greet everyone, talk to a number of folks about greenbelt-related issues, and observe our work.

As always, we started the morning off with breakfast tacos from Maria's, courtesy of the Barton Hills Neighborhood Association.  Warmer than normal temps and high humidity made working conditions somewhat unpleasant, but a little bit of recent rain did help soften up the soil surface enough to make trail work and invasives removal a little easier.

Our invasive team pulled lots of ligustrum and nandina in an area on the south side of the flats.  They also gathered and replanted native sea oat seeds everywhere that the soil was disturbed.

Another team harvested gravel and large stones from the creek bed and used them to build some shallow steps on the sloped part of the trail that empties out onto the flats, an area that used to get muddy and slick very quickly when there was water in the creek and lots of wet people and dogs.  There's a little more work to do there on another workday, but the problem has been largely remedied already, and we were able to stockpile the materials (gravel and stones) that we need to finish.

We also continued our rock work in the gully with the small bridge on the trail leading to the flats, collecting stones and then fitting and mortaring them into place to prevent erosion and damage to the bridge supports.

Other accomplishments included clean-up and weeding of the entry trail, graffiti removal, and the collection of a large amount of trash.  Some photos from the workday are on our website here.

Thanks to everyone who came out to help us!  It was a good crew and we had another very productive day on the greenbelt.

The Greenbelt Guardians held a workday at the Barton Creek Greenbelt - Gus Fruh access on Sat 30 Sept, 2017, National Public Lands Day. We had 19 volunteers who contributed a total of 66 hours of labor to the park.

While water in the creek prevented us from working on the exit point on the far side of the creek crossing like we had planned to do, we were able to complete the set of rock steps between the lower trail and the "beach" on this side of the creek that we started constructing last fall. Our invasives team worked on the far side of the creek between the pool and the main trail and thanks to soft soil conditions due to recent rains, were able to remove a significant amount of nandina and ligustrum. Other volunteers trimmed and weeded along the entrance and switchback trails and picked up trash in the area.

We enjoyed good weather, had a great group of leaders and volunteers, and got a lot accomplished. We didn't take very many photos this time, but here are the ones we did get if you're interested.

We haven’t had a workday since March, so there isn’t much new to report.  We usually work on National Trails Day at the beginning of June, but decided not to this year.  We can’t remove any vegetation between March 01 and September 01 due to golden cheek warbler nesting season, so between that, the heat, and being busy with other things, we’re taking this summer off!

Our next scheduled workday is on Saturday September 30, National Public Lands Day.  Stay tuned for more details on where we’ll be working and what we’ll be doing.  We also plan to work on Saturday November 04, which is the Austin Parks Foundation’s new fall “It’s My Park Day” event.